#MexMonday: What I’m reading

I’ve been quiet lately because I’ve been busy in the test kitchen, out tasting new dishes and talking with chefs at local Mexican restaurants, and reading up on Mexico in the news. You can expect some new recipes here soon, but until then, here’s a small roundup of the best things I’ve read in the last week:

  • I’m really in love with Saveur magazine this year, more than ever. They’ve really impressed me over the last several issues, which have had excellent features about Mexico and Mexican cuisine – especially about traditional cooking methods. “Burning Bright,” a feature about salsa is no exception. You’ll have to pick up an actual copy of Saveur because I can’t find the article online yet. But this article by Roberto Santibañez was so good (in part because of the drool-worthy photos and accompanying recipes) that after reading it I ordered a copy of his recent book, “Truly Mexican,” which came out earlier this year.
  • I’ve been learning more about mezcal so I was excited to see this article talking about artisanal mezcal and small producers who are keeping the tradition alive.

“Move Over, Tequila, It’s Mescal’s Turn to Shine” from The New York Times

  • Of course, I certainly think Mexico City is one of the world’s best food cities, but to see others recognizing the city and country for its world-class cuisine warms my heart. Personally, I feel this attention is long overdue but thanks to Mexican cuisine’s UNESCO designation last year as an intangible cultural heritage, a light is being shined (by some of the world’s most important newspapers and magazines, nonetheless) on all the city has to offer. Bueno pues… ¡más vale tarde que nunca!

“The World’s Greatest Food City? With delicious food from markets to top restaurants, Mexico City is a contender” from The Wall Street Journal

  • If you’ve read anything particularly great recently, please share a link in the comments below or tweet me a link. Learn something new from these articles? Let me know what you liked!


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    I need to get my hands of a copy of Saveur quick…I adore Roberto Santibanez. My favorite book is Rosa’s New Mexican Table. Loaded with great recipes and pictures, including a divine sweet from Fany Gerson. Thanks for sharing!

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      Bonnie, I too adore him. Actually… maybe I should try to get him to do an interview here on The Tortilla? How fun would that be?! Thanks for the reco on Rosa’s New Mexican Table – I toyed with ordering that one first but the other title was calling my name so I figured if I got it and liked it, I’d order the other one too. And lovely to know that the other one includes a recipe of Fany Gerson’s – I am a big fan of hers and own both her books “My Sweet Mexico” and the one that came out this summer, “Paletas.” Would love to get an interview with her on here too! Ut oh – see what you did? Put ideas in my head! Thanks for the comment!

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      My book just came in the mail yesterday… and I’m telling you, you HAVE TO get it. My only criticism is that I wish it had more photos (and honestly, I feel that way about most cookbooks but I know the business reasons behind why they don’t do it). I like it so much, I’m going to order his other book this week too.

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    Saveur is in fact great!! I love it! and how wonderful that Mexico city is a contender! I travel to Mexico a lot but haven’t made it to MC yet! GL to them!

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    you know I love Mexican food. I love it. I watch Mexico One Plate at a Time (live well network)and friggin drool. I’m going to pick up Saveur so I can go drool over that.


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      Li, I DVR every episode of Mexico One Plate at a Time and am lucky enough to be living in the same city as Chef Rick Bayless. If you ever end up in Chicago, I’ll have to take you to his casual dining place, Xoco. I know you’d just love it.

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      Nicole, this issue is so good that my husband stole it from me yesterday and wouldn’t give it back! He was oohing and ahhing at every page! (And not just the Mexican page!)

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    I have to confess that I’ve never been to Mexico before…well, I went to Mexicali once but it doesn’t count, is the border, right? I will love to visit one of the greatest food cities in the world, Mexico D.F.

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      Cristina, Mexicali definitely still counts! What’s so great about Mexico is that the states and regions are distinct and offer all kinds of different experiences depending on where you go. Whereas most tourists think of Mexico as just a beach destination, there are so many other opportunities such as the big cities, pueblos magicos, scenic drives on the rutas de México, wine country (a region growing much more popular over the last few years), and more. If you end up going and need some guidance, please feel free to send me a message for recommendations! I have lots of friends all over Mexico who can fill in the blanks in places I haven’t yet been. :)

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    Thank you! You’ve taken at least 3 steps out of a search by compiling a list of the most current resources on Mexican cuisine. Now that you’ve gifted me with time, I can’t wait to get to them!

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    I hope you´re link to Roberto Santibanez´s book is affiliate because you´re making us all want to buy it! 😉

    I´ve long been a mezcal convert and those who know me know I will do my best to get them to try and love it. Nothing like it…

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      Ana, you’re too funny – my link isn’t affiliate, sadly, just true love! :) My copy arrived yesterday and I’m sure I’ll be blogging about it soon! You’re going to have to give me some mezcal recommendations since I’m just learning at this point. A few that I’ve tried I didn’t care for, but then the ones I did like I of course did not write down the name of! What I’d really love to do is go on a tequila and mezcal tasting tour in Mexico sometime. In the same way wine tours are so interesting with the difference processes, aging times and bottling techniques, I have lots to learn about tequila and mezcal in order to become an aficionado!

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