THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TORTILLA is a Mexican cooking, culture and travel blog showcasing the original writing and photography of Maura Wall Hernandez. The name of the blog is based on the idea that you may have eaten something a thousand times, but if you just look at it in a different way—ingredient by ingredient—you’ll notice something new about it that you didn’t see before. There’s something to be said for tried-and-true traditional cooking, and this blog is Maura’s journey to reconstruct family recipes as well as those learned from family friends and Spanish-language cookbooks, and to share the methods used to prepare traditional Mexican cuisine. Sometimes we share modern Mexican recipes. We often travel and share our experiences, and we’re always looking to find a piece of Mexico in the city we call home.

The Other Side of The Tortilla is a PR and brand-friendly site. We’ve worked with brands such as Avocados from Mexico, The California Milk Advisory Board, McCormick Spices, Kenmore, Mizkan, the Mexico Tourism Board, and others to develop recipes, host and attend events and more. Please visit the sponsored category to see more examples of the brands we’ve worked with. To contact us about opportunities to work together, please email maura@theothersideofthetortilla.com.

The Other Side of The Tortilla was named Best Latin@ Food Blog at the 2011 LATISM national conference and Maura was one of 16 bloggers chosen in North America to serve as a Mexico Today ambassador, an award-winning campaign from the Mexico Tourism Board and Marca País-Imagen de México.

Maura Wall Hernandez, Author of The Other Side of The TortillaABOUT THE AUTHOR

Maura Wall Hernandez is a Los Angeles-based journalist and a native of Chicago. You can find her tweeting about Mexico, food, travel, journalism, photography and more @MauraHernandez and sharing photos on Instagram @MauraHernandez. Her work has appeared in a number of publications and online, and she has held editorial staff positions at the Chicago Tribune, Café Magazine, Advertising Age and Crain’s Chicago Business over the last decade. She has also taught journalism as an adjunct faculty member at Columbia College Chicago‘s School of Media Arts. This site includes the personal opinions of Maura Wall Hernandez and does not reflect the opinions of her current employer.

Maura holds a B.A. in English and Journalism from Miami University and an M.A. in Public Affairs Journalism from Columbia College Chicago. She is the immediate past president of the Association for Women Journalists.

OUR STORY: In 2008, Maura and José got married, and Maura gained a big extended family in Mexico. Over the better part of the last decade, Maura and José have spent a lot of time in Mexico City visiting relatives and enjoying the culinary and cultural offerings of the city where José grew up, as well as traveling around Mexico together.

our wedding in los cabos, august 2008

The legal and copyright mumbo-jumbo: All the photos on this site are copyright Maura Wall Hernandez and may not be used or reproduced without permission. All food and travel photos are originals unless otherwise noted. The writing that appears on this blog is Maura’s original writing unless otherwise noted, and is often edited by José. The text from this site also may not be used, copied or reproduced in any way without prior express written consent.