Wordless Wednesday: Flores de calabaza

My find of the week? This gorgeous and lush bunch of flores de calabaza (squash blossoms). They weren’t cheap… I think I paid about $4.99 for the whole bunch, but it was worth it when I sauteed them with a little butter and stuffed them into a quesadilla for breakfast a few days ago. What can I say? Sometimes I can’t resist a treat like this, even when the price isn’t quite right. I lament that I ate most of them so fast I forgot to take photos to share, but I’ll be on the lookout for more flores at the market this weekend so I can show you how else to use them.

  • What’s your favorite way to enjoy squash blossoms?


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    I love squash blossoms! Where did you buy them? Thanks for the suggestion about sauteeing them with butter. I’ve never actually prepared them myself, but you make it sound so easy. Gracias :-)

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    Why have I never seen these? They do look like flowers. Maybe I have and I thought they were blossoms and not squash. So pretty and I’m sure delicious!

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      Hi Adolfo, for the time of year in Dallas, you will not find fresh flor de calabaza. They are out of season right now. I’m not familiar with the markets in Dallas, so I can’t give you advice on where to buy romeritos. My suggestion is to go to any Mexican market and ask the produce manager; if they do not carry them, they will usually know where to get them and can tell you where to go.

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