Wordless Wednesday: Guilty pleasures

I saw Mundet manzana verde in the grocery store last week in glass bottles and though I tried to resist because I’m trying to quit drinking sugary sodas and juices, I just couldn’t help myself.

This bright green and slightly tart apple-flavored refresco is a serious guilty pleasure for me. It’s a bit different than the regular Sidral Mundet apple-flavored soda that has more of a light caramel color and a mellow taste.

  • What are some Mexican guilty pleasures that you like to indulge in?


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      Gabriela, you’re going to laugh at me, but I keep Vero Mango and Vero Elote lollipops in my car for emergencies and in my desk at work! The ones sold in the U.S. don’t taste identical to the ones from Mexico so I either buy them during my visits or have friends mail me a box full of them. Have you also had the ones that are watermelon with chile? I really like those, too.

  1. Simona says

    Hi!!!! I love your blog. Makes me really follow through with creatimg my own. I justdon’t know how to start or how to keep focused. My pleasures are any vegetable or fruit with lots of chile and limon. Simply pleasurable. My numbr one guilty pleasure is arroz con platano. Freshly made rice with a nice banana….yummy!!!!!

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      Hi Simona, thanks for leaving a comment and welcome! I love anything with chile and limón. My favorites are jicama and apples and José jokes that I like to put limón on everything, even in places it doesn’t belong. :) I also really like platanos; do you use regular bananas or platano macho? Do you fry the platano, or how do you serve it?

  2. says

    hubby and I are also trying to stay away from sugary processed stuff, but when in Mexiquito Lindo, we both cannot resist a good Paloma (tequila and seven up or squirt?…I cannot even remember which one is)

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      Heidi, I LOVE palomas! In fact, they’ve been on my mind a lot recently. I like to use fresh grapefruit juice and Tehuacan when toronjas are in season, otherwise I like to use Penafiel de toronja or Squirt :) I learned a really cool trick from TV chef Marcela Valladolid a few months ago when she was here in Chicago. Maybe I should blog about palomas and video tape the trick for you.

  3. Adal Gutierrez (Edelman) says

    Have you ever hear about the candy Tico? It is a weird combination of sugar, salt and chilly powder. All my non-Mexican friends call me crazy when I make them try it. ha!


    Tico is my mexican guilty pleasure!


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      Adal, yes! I love Tico! (Is there any Mexican candy that I don’t love? jaja) I have even put it on popcorn in the past. There is one grocery store near me that carries it but they don’t have it all the time. Whenever I see they have it, I buy a bunch so that I can stock up. :)

      • adal says

        Hold on, on POPCORN?!!! jajaja… ok, that is a bit extreme but who am I to judge. I have one more for you: Pinguinos Marinela! Gotta go, I need to find some right now… Saludos, Adal

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    We used to love this drink when traveling through Mexico, but found it so sweet. The solution: one of us would order a Mundet manzana verde, the other would order an agua mineral. Fill each glass half full of Mundet, top off with the agua and cut the sweet taste in half for a more refreshing drink.
    This photo brings back travel memories.


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      Kathleen, that’s funny you mention that you find it too sweet. I often cut sodas and juice with agua mineral, too. We almost always have agua mineral in the house and when we don’t, it’s like a crisis!


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