Wordless Wednesday: Romeritos en lata

Look what I found at the Mexisuper a few weeks ago. I was too fascinated to not take a photo. Notice the little yellow dot to the bottom left on the can that says, “sin camarones.”

  • Would you eat romeritos en mole from a can?


  1. Daniel says

    I’m fascinated and horrified all at the same time! I can understand the “convenience factor” But I’ll stick to my Romeritos slow cooked in a cazuela, at Christmas time only!….and with Camarones, thank you very much!

    Not a fan!

    • says

      Daniel, I felt the same way… fascinated yet horrified! I have also seen huitlacoche in a can at the Mexisuper, which I’ll definitely blog about when huitlacoche is in season late in the summer. Keep an eye out for that! 😉 It should be interesting. And given that we basically never eat romeritos except at Christmas, I was really surprised to see them on the shelf at the grocery store during the middle of the summer. One of José’s tias is famous for her romeritos, which she makes with camarones (come to think of it… who DOESN’T make them that way?). I’ll have to get her recipe to share for the holidays this year.

  2. says

    I was under the impression that camarones is a basic ingredient of romeritos?! Although honestly the idea of shrimp in this canned version is a little scarier than the non-camarones variety.

    No Sam I Am. I will not eat canned romeritos “sans cam”.

    • says

      María, I’ve never seen romeritos without the camarones before either, which is why I was so intrigued beyond just the fact that you could buy it in a can. I showed the photo to my husband and his response was, “guácala!” 😉 But I totally agree with you, if it had the shrimp in the can I’m not sure even curiosity could make me open it up for a taste.

  3. Veronica says

    Hello, I am on a mission to prepare them for this Christmas! I can’t find the fresh romeritos and the produce market offers me rosemary instead, it is not the same thing, is it!?!? Just want to make sure. What do you suggest, can I switch for something else like spinach? have you prepared them? I am desperate! Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Veronica, rosemary is romero en español. You cannot switch rosemary for spinach and expect to get what you know as romeritos, though, because rosemary is an aromatic herb, while spinach is a leafy green. I know that a lot of recipes available online say you CAN substitute spinach, but that doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Me entiendes? 😉 Romeritos is a dish most traditionally served during Christmas and Lent. I’m not typically the one in the family who prepares these, but I may be able to get the recipe from one of our tías in Mexico in time for Christmas. Que te parece?

  4. luz says

    Note: Romeritos are NOT rosemary! They look like rosemary but if you try substituting rosemary for romeritos, you are going to be very sad. #trust

  5. Stephanie says

    I found this in a local store. I am not Mexican and had never heard of it. but the translation on the other side of the the can said, ‘Springs of a wild plant in chilli sauce) and the yellow dot said,’no shrimp.’ I don’t think this is rosemary as grows in my Minnesota garden in the summer. That’s a aromatic, almost pine-like herb. I was told that the romeritos looks kind of like a rosemary plant but is not at all the same thing. I do not believe that romeritos is available fresh in Minnesota, but I may be wrong.

    An internet search led me no where. Can anyone help? Is this a leafy green veggie?

    I’d like to try it, just to try it. any suggestions would be appreciated.

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