Wordless Wednesday: Las Bugambilias

If you’re a frequent visitor here or on our Facebook fan page, then you probably already know that I’m completamente loca about bugambilias. In English, they’re called bougainvilleas, and they’re one of my favorite species of flowers. These particular flowers were photographed on our family trip to Huatulco in December 2010. The bright pink color just stirs my soul.

  • What kind of plant life reminds you of Mexico?


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    OMG!!! I love, love, love bugambilias! They definitely remind me of Mexico! My José and I tried to have our own bugambilias back in Miami, but I’m disappointed to say we failed miserably :(

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      Roxana, I wish that I could grow bugambilias in Chicago, but we just don’t have the proper climate. And… I tend to kill most of my plants, haha. I had hibiscus bushes a few years ago on my patio but they didn’t survive very long. I hope to one day retire in Mexico to a home with a walled garden filled with bugambilias!

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    Love the way the pink pops out. What a lovely photo. This would be such a nice plant to wake up in the morning. Great taste. We traveled to Veracruz and then we dreamt about Huatulco.

    Happy Spring!

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      Thanks, Elizabeth! The pink makes my heart flutter. I’m looking forward to visiting Veracruz, where my suegra’s family is originally from, and going back to Huatulco someday. In the same way that tulips make me think of Chicago in the spring, bugambilias make me think of Mexico!


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