Wordless Wednesday: Xochimilco

I love this photo that my dear friend, Ana Flores, took of me capturing memories of Xochimilco with my little point and shoot camera on my most recent trip to Mexico City in December 2010. I had so much fun spending the day with Ana and her family while we floated down the canals listening to live mariachi music, eating botanitas, drinking refrescos and enjoying the scenery.

I’m working on editing some video footage into a short film to share with you soon about what it’s like to visit these ancient waterways that were once very important to Mexico City’s agricultural transport system. I can’t wait to share it because it brings back such wonderful, warm memories of Mexico City for me. There’s nothing like sharing these cultural traditions with the people you love.

  • Have you been to Xochimilco or are you hoping to go someday? Tell us what you know about it, or what you’d like to know about it!


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    many years ago…we were there as a teenager. I want to take my kids there. THe castle was one of my favorite things it was surreal and magical at the same time.

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      Vanessa, the day I went, we took my friend Ana’s daughter who is just a toddler and she absolutely loved it! She was dancing around to all the mariachi music and asking everybody if they wanted refrescos. The only problem we had was being that it was the day after Christmas and everybody was on vacation, it was extremely crowded the day we went and my friend’s daughter kept saying things about the traffic in the canal because there were a lot of trajineras bumping into each other. We didn’t get a chance to see the castle but I’d love to visit it someday, as well as the original island of dolls (there’s a copycat one near the Las Flores dock if you take the hour long ride).

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      Ana, I’m so happy that for once our trips to Mexico City coincided! I loved spending the day with you and your family. Thank you for sharing my first time at Xochimilco with me! I will always remember it. There’s nothing like being in Mexico and sharing her with the people I love most. I can’t wait to show you the short video I’m making of our afternoon floating down the canals!


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