Daydreaming about Guerrero

My friends at the Mexico Tourism Board office here in Chicago posted this tourism video about Guerrero on their Facebook page yesterday and it had me totally captivated! They’ve been doing a state-by-state campaign (in alphabetical order) to share highlights that different states have to offer and I’ve really been enjoying each week since they started. I’m learning tons of new things about some of the states I’ve never been to as well as some of the states I have visited, but not extensively. It’s also planted a seed about starting a list of all the places I really want to visit in the next few years. I’ve been daydreaming about visiting the Pacific-side state of Guerrero since I watched the video, though, and thought I’d share with you.

The good thing: I have a trip planned to visit the state of Guerrero for a friend’s wedding in Acapulco later in the year. The bad thing: The trip is still several months away. (Insert sad face here.)

But until then when I can share photos and video of my own experience visiting Guerrero, here’s a little something to whet your appetite…

¡Feliz fin de semana!

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s the description on the YouTube video as written by the Tourism Board:

Located in Mexico’s southern region along the Pacific coast, Guerrero borders the states of Mexico to the north, Morelos, Puebla and Oaxaca to the east, and Michoacan to the northwest. Known for its warm climate, in this state you can visit the port of Acapulco, a top-notch tourist resort that has one of the most famous bays in the world. Acapulco has excellent hotels, numerous stores and shopping malls, many restaurants and the best nightlife in the country. Your visit to Acapulco wouldn’t be complete without witnessing the fearless cliff divers at La Quebrada, who take a 45-meter (150-foot) plunge into the ocean. Also near Acapulco and worth seeing is the luxurious tourist resort, Punta Diamante. Farther down the coast you’ll arrive at Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, two beautiful beach destinations. Zihuatanejo is a picturesque town, while Ixtapa is a modern port. They have gorgeous beaches, great hotels and a spectacular marina, which has docking for up to 600 boats.
Also in the state of Guerrero is Taxco, a magical town famous for its crafts and silver items, particularly jewelry. At this place be sure to check out the splendid architecture of the Santa Prisca church, a masterpiece of Mexican Baroque architecture. Taxco also hosts many notable events, such as the Silver Fair and Holy Week festivities. To truly admire the beauty of this town, we recommend that you take the cable car ride that departs from Hotel Monte Taxco. Near Taxco, you can visit the Cacahuamilpa Caverns, considered the most beautiful caverns in the country and a popular spot for cave diving. For all that and so much more, be sure to visit Guerrero, the state that has everything.

You can also learn more about Guerrero on the state’s official website.

  • Have you been to the state of Guerrero? Let me know what you love about it!


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