Wordless Wednesday: Farmers market chiles

Farmers markets here in Chicago are kind of like a yuppie version of a Mexican tianguis. Despite the strollers and dogs and people yammering away on their bluetooth device or headphones while they stroll the aisles, I put up with it because I love fresh, locally grown fruits and veggies, and I especially love the variety of chiles at the farmers markets here! I got there extra early last week and snapped this photo of the sunshine peeking through the top of the tented produce stand, illuminating the chiles. The thing I love most about farmers market chiles is that they’re all different sizes and shapes, and there are never any mega-chiles that look like they were pumped with steriods. Ahhh, organic!

  • What’s your favorite vegetable to buy at the farmers market?

Flores de calabaza at the farmers market

I’ve been stalking visiting my local farmers markets lately looking for flor de calabaza. And every week since they started bringing them three weeks ago, I’ve arrived too late because they sold out before 9 or 10 A.M. So this past weekend, I got up early on Saturday hoping to get my hands on some, only to discover I’d arrived just a bit too late.

But my lovely friends at Nichols Farm advised me to show up at another market location they visit on Sunday mornings in Wicker Park and to arrive just before they opened. I got there just before 8 A.M. and was able to get a big bunch (15 flowers!) as well as snap these photos with the bucket still full of florecitas!… 

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