Wordless Wednesday: Everything tastes better with chile

A few weekends ago, my mom brought me a gift from a friend who’d been traveling—pistachios covered in chile powder. They reminded me a lot of the snacks I love to buy in the mercados of Mexico, especially the kinds of spicy nuts that are also flavored with dried garlic, known as dientes de ajo. Given my affinity for all kinds of spicy nut combinations, I’ve been careful not to sit down and eat the entire bag. I’ve been taking a little to work with me each day as an afternoon snack.

  • What’s your favorite kind of spicy snack that includes nuts?

Arrachera borracha con rajas de pimiento

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I’ve been experimenting in the test kitchen lately and coming up with some new recipes. Today I’m sharing my newest recipe for the #MizkanLatino cooking challenge, arrachera borracha con rajas de pimiento, or drunken skirt steak with grilled bell pepper strips. “Sabroso Grilling” was the theme for this challenge and the challenge ingredient was to use one of Mizkan’s World Harbors marinades, so I chose the Mexican-style fajita marinade…. 

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