How to make sugar skulls for Día de los Muertos

One of the most common decorations on altars for Day of the Dead is the sugar skull. You might not know how easy they are to make; they just require a little time (drying overnight) and patience (decorating with royal icing). I’ve put together a detailed tutorial with photos so you can see how easy it is!

You can even do this project with the kids—but be sure to use a drop cloth in case they make a mess with the sugar.

Ingredients to make sugar skulls for Day of the Dead

Tutorial how to make sugar skulls for Day of the Dead

You can see my full step-by-step photo tutorial of how to make sugar skulls for Day of the Dead on…. 

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Wordless Wednesday: Calacas

My dear friend Amy who lives in New York, and who I’ve known por toda mi vida, was sweet enough to send me a photo of her with her boyfriend dressed up as calacas for Halloween/Día de Los Muertos to share with Tortilla readers after I gushed over how fantastic they looked. ¡Gracias, Amy!

On this Thanksgiving Eve, I’m thankful for all my wonderful family, friends and fans who support The Other Side of The Tortilla!

  • Don’t they look great?
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