Wordless Wednesday: Salsa taquera

I’ve always been fascinated by the different salsas served alongside my meal at any taquería. I ate all three of these (rojo con chile de árbol; verde con chile serrano y aguacate; cebolla roja con habanero) at my favorite taquería in Chicago, La Lagartija, this past weekend. They were just too pretty to not take a picture! One of the things I love about eating at taquerías is that each one has different salsas, and often the salsas are just as important as what goes in the taco.

  • What’s your favorite kind of salsa?


    • says

      I’m usually a salsa verde girl too, but am known best in our family for my salsa de chile morita (I’m sure you can guess the jokes that fly at the dinner table when we’re all together and Maurita is making the salsa morita) 😉

  1. says

    i have to go with the typical response and say that pico is one of my favorites… but i also love making a black bean and corn salsa! It’s so refreshing. But then a piña con mint and a few other goodies is also amazing!!

  2. Tia M Richardson says

    I love Salsa Huérfana. But do NOT even want to know what is in it. Because after 3 years of indulging off-and-on with this salsa; it still tears my insides up. ha ha

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