Wordless Wednesday: Taco de cecina

I ate this incredible taco de cecina last week at La Lagartija Taquería here in Chicago, our favorite changarro. With a homemade tortilla, a light smear of frijoles and a perfectly salted cut of cecina, I was in taco heaven. I topped it with cebolla, cilantro and a drizzle of salsa roja. It’s not on the everyday menu (it was off the daily specials list), but it most definitely should be! If you haven’t had cecina before, it’s a salted and partially dried thin cut of beef (kind of like how some steak houses serve dry-aged steaks).

  • What’s the best taco you’ve eaten recently? We want details!


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      Patty, they were so good that we were so full our bellies were about to burst, but still sitting there debating ordering just one more taco each! LOL But I’m intrigued by your turkey tacos; we’ll have to trade recipes sometime!

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      Sujeiry, you always crack me up! The key to taking good food photos is all in the lighting. I took this photo with my iPhone, but with natural light streaming through a window about 10-15 feet away and then I made sure to tap the screen to focus. Then I used a photo app (Shake It Photo) to create the border and contrast to make it look all fancy. 😉

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    That looks good. Me… a few days ago I had a chalupa at this raw/living foods cafe in Austin. A corn tostada layered with “sunflower beans” and topped with lettuce, salsa, guacamole, olives, and finished with a cashew sour cream drizzle. It was delicious!

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    That taco made my mouth water. I have to admit the truth…. I have a taco truck 3 blocks away from where I live… It’s called “Las Pecas”, and I find myself there more then I would like to say. They make my FAVE carne asada taco with roasted onions and a smokey red chile. Limes on the side. YUM.

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    LOL at Sujeiry’s comment that you make her food look ugly! I agree!
    I had never, ever heard of this cut of meat. You know, you’re making me want to go to Mexico — or at least Chicago!

    My last fab taco was a fish taco I made. Yes, yes, it is true. Limey goodness.

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      Carrie, if you can’t make it to Mexico, you are always welcome to come visit me in Chicago! 😀 We don’t do fish tacos in my house (first, because I’m allergic so I don’t cook fish, but second because José doesn’t like fish in tacos) but I have seen some drool-worthy fish tacos in places like Los Cabos (Baja California Sur) and in Playa del Carmen (Quintana Roo). Too bad I can’t taste test them because I love just about every kind of taco I’ve ever had!

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    Mau, you’re sooo lucky to have so many places to eat good Mexican food (not too mention the fact that you cook it yourself!)… We really have very few places in Denver, unless I just haven’t discovered them…

    Esa foto me hizo agua la boca!!!

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