Wordless Wednesday: Finding a good concha

If you’re a frequent reader, you know all about my deep love for pan dulce and all kinds of Mexican pastries and other baked goods. So, of course it was one of the first things I sought out during my first week living in Los Angeles. A good friend introduced me to this place and I can’t seem to stay away!


This perfect concha is from La Monarca Bakery in Santa Monica (they have two more locations: Huntington Park and South Pasadena). I’m sure I’ll be writing more about this place soon, as I like to stop by there whenever I can since it’s not too far from where I work.

  • Is there a perfect piece of pan dulce in your neck of the woods? Let me know in the comments where you like to buy your pan dulce, wherever you  live!


  1. says

    What is Mexican pan dulce like? Is it like a sweet bread or actually more of a pastry? Like Cuban pan de Gloria? Whatever it’s like I bet it’s delicious!

  2. lillian says

    best place for me is la favorita bakery, on 4th street in boyle heights. 1 block from soto. this place is always busy – steady flow of customers from open til closing. amazing bread and amazing prices

  3. kim says

    I know this is an old post, but El Gallo Bakery on Cesar Chavez off of the 710 has been our family favorite for YEARS. The conchas are fantastic. I live in Seattle now, but I always make a special trip when I’m in town.

  4. Ellen says

    My favorite place to go for Mexican pastries is a little place down the road from our house in Jonesboro, GA. It is called El Mercadito. It is off Tara Rd just off Tara Blvd. It is a little shop. I love everything they make! I am learning to make my own foods mostly on my own. My grandma did teach me how to make tortillas. My other grandma taught me about pastries. I did not learn well, so I am learning anew. I have really taken off with tortillas, fillers, tomales, and enchiladas. Now I am exploring pastries. I am learning so much from my Mexican neighbors and other Hispanic people in my neighborhood. They are very sweet. They are the best neighbors and friends I could ever ask for. They make us feel like familia. I love this neighborhood! It is really great for my niños!

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