Wordless Wednesday: Disfrútalo bien frío

Yesterday my friend Tracy from Latinaish clued me in that the maker of one of my favorite Mexican candy bars, Bubu Lubu, is on Twitter! As we were telling a mutual friend, we both use the same Bubu Lubu buying strategy: one for now and one to stick in the refrigerator for later. At one of the local supermercados where I do my grocery shopping, they have both the room-temperature candy bars and a special little display in the refrigerator case by the checkout line that are already nice and cold. Not familiar with Bubu Lubu? It’s a candy bar with marshmallow inside, topped with a strawberry-flavored jelly and covered in chocolate.

  • How do you like your Bubu Lubu?


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    Qué tortura! … That photo… LOL. I haven’t had a Bubu Lubu for a couple months. Part of it was to see if I had the discipline not to eat them, (because I was up to a one-a-day habit ROFL), and the other reason was because the bodega guy who sells them to me got too friendly, (long story – but I think you already read it?)

    Anyway, I have tried mine room temperature, fridge and freezer and my favorite is actually the freezer! (It also forces you to eat it more slowly when it’s frozen. jajaja…)

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      Haha. Tracy, I was wondering if you had been back to the bodega! You know you have an open invitation from me at any time to request a shipment, and I promise mine comes without piropos hahahaha. I like mine refrigerated to be as cold as possible but still pliable enough to break apart to share or not have to treat it like a paleta.

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    Break apart and SHARE?!

    lol… Thanks for the open invitation – I will remember it in case needed. My husband’s co-workers are my secondary Bubu Lubu dealers so I have a back up for now.

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    No lo he probabo y tampoco lo he visto por acá, but I know about it because of Tracy’s obsession. I didn’t know you were obsessed too, Maura! Jajaja!!! Having it frío or at room temperature reminded me of Gansitos, which I love to eat very frío!!

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