Cocina Confessional: I’ve got a dirty little secret

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I dislike the term “New Year’s Resolution,” mostly because it’s so often synonymous with failure for many people – myself included. Whether it’s exercising more, eating healthier or trying to have more patience in certain situations, sometime we set ourselves up for failure because we’re not really committed to doing these things. Instead I prefer to use the term “lifestyle change” because I feel like there’s a little less pressure and though it has grand aspirations like a new year’s resolution with hopes you’ll stick to your changes, it somehow seems more manageable to implement over time, little by little. Nobody changes overnight and I’m trying to be realistic with my organizational goals.

I made this silly video to talk about one of my lifestyle-changing decisions for 2011: cleaning my cabinets and getting organized. Though you might think I have the perfect, organized kitchen, I admit I’m human. This year, I’ve resolved to make a change, though. I just can’t live with a messy kitchen the way I used to. When I was single and lived alone, I could leave dirty dishes in the sink for days without feeling any shame about it. But not anymore. The cabinets are what has finally gotten to me. … 

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