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I’ve recently been working on a special project for The Other Side of The Tortilla that I haven’t told you about yet–some video! I’ve been working on adding in some more cultural elements (which will have a fun new category name that I can’t wait to reveal), and while composing some stories and editing photos I started thinking about how I could teach others about Mexican customs and traditions that go beyond just food. The cuisine ties into a bigger cultural picture, so really, these new cultural elements will complement the regular cooking content of what you already see here.

Christmas brunch at Tía Annette's (left), café con Rompope (right)

It started out over the holidays in December while I was visiting Mexico City (which is, in part, why you haven’t seen a December in Mexico City Part II just yet). One of our tías throws a big Christmas brunch for our whole family every year, and this year she moved it up a week so I could attend since I wasn’t in town for very long.
As with most of my trips, I brought my DSLR camera and a Flip Video along for the ride. I got some great home video style footage of how our family celebrates Christmas with posadas and began thinking how I could share this bit of our culture in a fun and educational way.

posada navideña 2009

"Dale, dale, dale, no pierdas el tino..."

And, like many Mexican families, our Christmas gathering wouldn’t be complete without a piñata

I’ve got video footage of both young and old taking their turn trying to break it open! (Here’s a little sneak peek of some of the kids’ action to the right.)

I’ve been working hard putting something together, editing, including video cuts, still photos and am now recording voice overs and adding a background soundtrack. Right now, I’m in the process of looking for a mariachi band with recorded materials that might be interested in providing some of the soundtrack (so if you know somebody, send them my way).

Recently, a few people have asked me if I’d ever do cooking video segments. That wasn’t the way I originally envisioned The Other Side of The Tortilla, but as with all ideas, it’s beginning to evolve. I’d appreciate your feedback in the poll below to let me know how you feel about the possibility of seeing some cooking videos here in the future. I’ll close the poll on Sunday, February 28th, so hurry up and vote–there’s a little over a week to get your opinions in. Feel free to also leave any comments below with your thoughts about why you would be interested in seeing some video (…or why not).

Let me know what you think. As always, thanks for reading. I hope to be able to add new features from time to time to improve your reading and cultural experience here on The Other Side of the Tortilla.


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