FAVE KITCHEN TOOLS: box grater with storage

We all have a kitchen tool or gadget that makes our lives simpler or easier.

I wanted to share some of the kitchen tools that I love best, starting with this one: a box grater with storage.

This is a great tool that I often use several times per week. It’s a box grater that has a storage tupperware under it, and you can pop the grater top off and seal it with a lid that comes with the set. I love this because it makes grating cheese easy, but I’ve used it for prepping other foods too.

I try to get creative and use one item for multiple tasks, and I’ve discovered this box grater is also good for zesting citrus on the side that has the small graters, and grating cheese and onions on the large side. I’ve also used the large side for grating apples, zucchini and cucumbers.

When I pop the grater top off, I just wash it in the dishwasher. I seal up the top with the lid and store the contents in the refrigerator. This tool is not one that I might have bought on my own; it was a gift from my mom several years ago and probably one of the best kitchen gifts I’ve ever received.

  • What’s one of your favorite kitchen tools or gadgets that makes food prep easier for you?