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¡Conectando con mi gente!

I like to be constantly connected to mi gente, so when Sprint offered me a chance to try out its 4G network with a Samsung Epic phone for conducting official Tortilla Test Kitchen business, I was excited.

Many of you know I’ve been an iPhone devotee because I love all of the photography apps that make it so easy for me to share my creativity, what’s cooking in my kitchen or what events I’m attending that are of interest to the fans here on The Other Side of The Tortilla. But my iPhone doesn’t always work as a phone, and I can’t always pick up 3G coverage everywhere in the Chicago area where I live and play. I have to be honest that my love for the iPhone has been waning due to the fact that I drop calls or lose my 3G signal all the time, leaving me sometimes unable to connect at all or at a seemingly glacial pace. So the rapidity of the 4G Sprint network was a welcome change of pace.

It’s so important to me to stay connected and be able to charlar con mi gente, especially when it comes to answering cooking and ingredient questions from Tortilla fans on Twitter and Facebook. So when I discovered the Epic had mobile-to-mobile video chat capability with certain phones using Android apps, I was ecstatic! A fun new way to connect with fans? !Sí, por favor!

I offered my Twitter followers and Facebook fans with eligible phones the opportunity to video chat with me using the Samsung Epic on Sprint’s 4G network and one fan was kind enough to let me video tape our chat.

Watch me give Carrie the lowdown on chile chipotle and the difference between cajeta and dulce de leche.

YouTube Preview Image… 

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Chilaquiles are a staple in my house – great for any meal: breakfast, lunch or dinner. When making them for breakfast, I serve an egg (fried or scrambled) on top; for lunch and dinner I usually add shredded chicken, but that can be left out if you’re serving it to a vegetarian. Whenever I go to a potluck dinner or any kind of event where I have to bring a dish, this is my tried and true recipe that always disappears quickly once served and the guests always end up calling me for the recipe the day after. And, ahem… chilaquiles are also known as the quintessential Mexican cure for a hangover.

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Chilaquiles verdes #recipe from #mexicanfood #comidamexicana

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I recently made my famous chilaquiles verdes for my Salsa Showdown cooking show at the Kenmore Live Studio and they were a huge hit. A lot of people from the audience came up to me after the show to say that they were impressed with not only the taste of the dish, but also how simple it was to prepare and that they felt confident they could make it at home. That’s always my goal here ­– to teach you recipes and break them down so you feel comfortable making them on your own. I hope you’ll try my chilaquiles, and if you do, please leave a comment below to let me know how you liked them!

RELATED RECIPE: Tacos de longaniza en salsa verde

One of the great things about the salsa verde for my chilaquiles is that it’s a very versatile salsa that can also be used for enchiladas as well as a few other dishes. Be sure to check back later this week for my recipe for enchiladas verdes…. 

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The Salsa Showdown is tomorrow! And we’ve got a {GIVEAWAY}!

I’ve been receiving lots of encouragement here on the blog, on our Facebook fan page, via Twitter and email from all of you about my Salsa Showdown at the Kenmore Live Studio! Thanks for all your support!

Don’t forget: the showdown starts tomorrow night at 7 p.m. CST! You can attend in person in Chicago or watch from home live over the internet via the Kenmore Facebook fan page’s Live Studio tab. Watch our promotional video for the show and click on the Kenmore Live Studio button below the video to reserve your free tickets to attend the show in person tomorrow. We had lots of fun shooting the promo video, and I assure you that Chuy’s very nice despite all the tough-guy acting in the video. And if you come to the show, please introduce yourself afterward! I love meeting fans of The Other Side of The Tortilla!

No chefs were harmed in the filming of this video.

YouTube Preview Image

To reserve your FREE ticket and get details with the studio address and directions, please click the Live Studio button below:


And, we’ve got a very special giveaway this month!

Head over to our Facebook fan page and click “LIKE” for a chance to win a 2011 culinary calendar from our good friends at Muy Bueno Cookbook. The calendar, beautifully photographed by Jeanine Thurston, has a sneak preview of what will be in Muy Bueno’s cookbook, which I’m hearing will be out later next year. We’ll be posting some instructions on Facebook on how to win starting today. We’ll choose one lucky fan of The Other Side of The Tortilla as a winner once we hit 250 fans, so hurry and tell your friends about us!

Muy Bueno has partnered with The Denver Foundation to donate a portion of the proceeds from each calendar sale to their Strengthening Neighborhoods (SN) program. It’s a grant program that helps residents in 10 struggling Denver neighborhoods improve their communities “from the inside out.” The Grants help pay for resident leadership training, and community projects such as food pantries, tutoring programs, neighborhood gardens and school safety patrols. They have also helped with park and school cleanup, among other projects. If you are interested in learning more about this innovative program, please visit their website at and click on Strengthening Neighborhoods.

You can also try your hand at winning a calendar through Muy Bueno’s site and submitting a recipe. If you win, they’ll also photograph your recipe and post it on their blog.

  • ¡Suerte! Let me know what you think of the video in the comments.

Salsa Showdown: Join me for a live cooking show!

I’m proud to announce I’ll be partnering with the Kenmore Live Studio for the second time this year for a live cooking show!

Tortilla fans of Chicago, I hope you’ll join and support me in the studio on Friday, November 19 as I cook off against my friend and chef/owner of Chilam Balam, Chuy Valencia. If you’re an out-of-towner, no worries: the show will be broadcast live over the internet so you can still cheer me on! There will also be video available here on The Other Side of The Tortilla the following week.

Chuy’s restaurant is one of my favorites in Chicago, so I’m thrilled to be cooking alongside him. He’s a Rick Bayless-alum and also the youngest person ever to have been elevated to the position of sous chef at a Bayless restaurant when he was just 20 years old. Bayless recently told Chicago magazine that Chuy is destined for stardom, and I couldn’t agree more. Before starting his own restaurant, Chuy also worked as Chef de Cuisine at Adobo Grill. Check out his website for more about the concept behind Chilam Balam.


¿Roja o verde? You be the judge.

I’ll make my salsa verde, and Chef Valencia will make his salsa roja. Will I leave him green with envy? Or will he get ahead with his red? Taste and decide for yourself.

We’ll introduce you to some authentic Mexican flavors and the salsas will top chilaquiles and enchiladas. You won’t believe how easy they are to make! And as always, the audience will get to taste-test!

The Mexico Tourism Board will also be on hand to support me, share information and answer questions related to Mexican food and culture.

Dress to impress; the event will be livestreamed on Kenmore’s Facebook page on the Live Studio tab and seating is first come, first serve. Come early to reserve your spot!

Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and the show will begin at 7 p.m. CST.

To reserve your FREE ticket and get details with the studio address and directions, please click the Live Studio button below:

  • I’d love if you’d leave me a message of encouragement in the comments! Let me know where you’ll be watching from!

The photo of me above at my Kenmore demo at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach in Miami is courtesy of Carol Cain, official photographer for the Blogalicious ’10 conference

Sorteo Tuesday – Día de Los Muertos {GIVEAWAY}

día de los muertos apron

Happy Sorteo Tuesday! Why is it happy? Because sorteo means giveaway en Español!

Día de Los Muertos is coming up next week and I’ve been cooking up a storm to get ready! You can expect to see a recipe posted later this week to help you prepare for the holiday.

If you’re not familiar with Día de Los Muertos, check out SpanglishBaby each day this week for new and interesting posts – they’ve got a whole category on the subject to educate yourself along with fun ideas on how to celebrate with your escuincles (a funny slang term for ‘kids’ that José’s abuelita Ana likes to use). You can read more about the holiday here on Friday alongside a special recipe post, so don’t forget to come back or subscribe via email to get recipes and stories delivered directly to your inbox so you don’t miss it!

I’m a big fan of all things Día de Los Muertos and when I found this fabric with miniature sugar skulls on it, I knew I had to have it. At the cooking demo I did in Miami making albóndigas, I wore a special apron made of this very fabric that my friend Lisa made for me for an extra serving of buena suerte. She was kind enough to ship the apron to me at the hotel I was staying at so that I’d receive it in time to wear for my demo, and it was a huge hit with the audience – in fact, the apron got almost as many compliments as the albóndigas!


los detalles: the ruffled trim and the pleated pocket


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Blogalicious: A recipe for amistad y comunidad

las blogueras

I must’ve sat down at least half a dozen times over the last week with the good intention to write a recap of Blogalicious Weekend, the conference I attended in Miami just less than two weeks ago. But each time, there were a million things I wanted to write, so I started making a list to try to condense the highlights. The truth is I just couldn’t. The entire weekend was like a highlights reel, filled with brilliant women doing amazing things.

If you’re not familiar with Blogalicious, it’s a blogging conference that celebrates diversity in social media and is mostly attended by women of color. I was honored to speak on a panel about Latinas in social media, moderated by the fabulously talented Kety Esquivel and sponsored by LATISM and Que Rica Vida. Equally fabulous were my co-panelists: Veronica Arreola of Viva La Feminista, Aurelia Flores of Powerful Latinas and Deanne Cuellar of Media Justice League.

Additionally, I moderated a panel discussion about how Latina bloggers and marketers can work together toward common goals. The brilliant panelists, Carrie Ferguson Weir from Tiki Tiki Blog, Roxana Soto from Spanglish Baby, and Melanie Edwards from Modern Mami, did not disappoint the audience with their insights into how to position yourself and grow as a blogger as well as advice to marketers on how to approach Latina bloggers.

giving out samples after the demo

As you already know from last week, I hosted a cooking demo with the Kenmore Live Studio pop-up kitchen, where I made albóndigas. I loved cooking for a live audience; it was fantastically fun and I’m very much looking forward to doing it again soon.

But the biggest takeaway from the weekend for me was the importance of community. My friend Ananda Leeke, has come up with a great term for what I mean (and she’s writing a book about it, to boot): digital sisterhood. Ananda interviewed me as part of her project, and I hope you’ll listen to our interview as well as the others she did from the conference.

During the panel I spoke on, I was asked what I thought was the best case study of a blog success story. My answer was that I don’t think there’s just one silo blog success story that everyone should look at as a case study. Rather, there are many blogs out there that individually do something amazing. From forming a community with these women over the last 14 months since I began blogging, I have learned something from each of them, and each one of them has contributed to whatever my “success” is. And for each of us, “success” is something different. For me, success is when I get a comment or an email from a reader saying that one of my recipes reminds them of their abuelita. That is part of the reason I write here. To make cultural connections.

Maura and Jeannette Kaplun from Todo Bebé

There was a lot of talk all weekend about owning niches and finding your community, so I wanted to share with you a short little list of ingredients that make up my tribe – one of the recipes I’m most grateful for ever coming across…. 

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