Wordless Wednesday: Guaca-tacos

I posted this photo on Instagram last week as I was eating leftover guacamole in the form of tacos, also known in my household as guaca-tacos.


You can find my guacamole recipe here. Sometimes I like to substitute red onion for white onion (like I did here, though it’s difficult to tell from the photo). It’s a substitution I picked up from my mom since she normally makes her guacamole with red onions.

  • Do you ever eat guacamole tacos?


  1. Leti says

    I don’t eat guacatacos, but I do eat guacamole tostadas. We actually would have them for dinner in the summer when it is too hot to eat anything heavy. We would even add pepino. You can chop and add to the guacamole or slice thinly and add on top of the tostada. My favorite part is a sprinkle of queso cotija on top.

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