Wordless Wednesday: Gigantic jicama

I spotted this amazingly huge jicama in the grocery store a few weeks ago and couldn’t believe my eyes. I didn’t think anyone would believe how big they were, so I had to take a photo! I picked one up and don’t think it would have fit on the piddly little fruit scales in the produce department. Two of the largest ones I picked up were definitely each heavier than my laptop.

  • Have you ever seen jicama this huge?


  1. Vicki says

    I have never seen this kind of jicama. It looks almost like a huge bulb of garlic with all its cloves! The jicama that we find here in Baja California Sur is just one bulb without sections. Muy interesante!

  2. says

    I’ve seen them like that a lot in California where they are grown with “high cultivation” – with lots of water and fertillizer. Here in Morelia though they tend to be small (in comparison), and single lobed.

    The wonders of mass production, we can make anything big and fast. We may have to set good aside however…

    • says

      Mike, you know, I actually was sort of afraid to buy them that huge in the U.S. because I was thinking they must’ve had some kind of growth enhancement. They looked like jicama on steroids. I agree with you – bigger isn’t always better! I like to buy the ones that are single lobed and between 1-2 pounds for best flavor, freshness and minimum waste. Unless you’re having a party, I can’t imagine eating one of those huge jicamas before it starts to go bad!

  3. says

    Con chile y limòn! Que rico…
    Las jìcamas in the south of Mexico are like those with that funny shape and huge. I remember my mom always buy jicamas to some ladies whom plant them in their backyards back in Catemaco, Veracruz.

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