Sin maíz no hay país: tortillas and tradition with Maseca

¡Hola a todos y feliz fin de semana!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably hear the phrase “sin maíz no hay país” about a million times in your lifetime, and probably even taught it to others when explaining Mexican cuisine. Literally, it means “without corn, there is no country.”

As one of the basic staples of Mexican cuisine, corn is very important as a form of nutrition in Mexico; and it can mean anything from tamales to sopes to plain and simple tortillas con crema y sal. There are so many options, you’ll even see street food snacks centered around corn such as esquites and you can use corn masa in beverages such as atole. When I named my blog “The Other Side of The Tortilla,” it was, in part, because of the importance of corn and the tortilla in Mexican cuisine.

The tortilla pictured above is actually a photo of one of the very first tortillas I made from scratch as a newlywed. Even though it wasn’t perfect, I was so proud that I had to take a photo to commemorate it and send it to my suegra. Obviously, tortillas are a staple in our household and it’s practically a crisis if we run out. That’s why I not only keep tortillas in the refrigerator at all times to avoid a family-style meltdown, but also a bag of Maseca masa instantánea in my kitchen cabinet so that if we do run out, I can quickly make some more without much fuss about a tortilla apocalypse on the horizon.

And so, I’m happy to announce a new partnership between Maseca and The Other Side of The Tortilla! We’re one of ten blogs that has been chosen as an ambassador for Maseca’s Amigas Blogueras community.

Maseca has relaunched their website at with tons of recipes (including a section that made me giggle uncontrollably called “Sorprende a tu suegra”—in English: “Surprise your mother-in-law”), nutrition information and tips, and great promotions such as the ¡Compra, raspa y gana! sweepstakes where you can scratch and win prizes from Maseca products to getting your entire grocery bill paid for in your local supermarket if the Maseca team is visiting your town.

I encourage you to follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #clubmimaseca, check out the Maseca Facebook fan page and stay tuned here for more information on eating healthy, new recipes featuring Maseca products and some really fantastic Maseca giveaways!

  • Tell me in the comments below: What’s your favorite Maseca product or way to use Maseca at home?
This is a sponsored post through a campaign with Maseca and Latina Bloggers Connect. Though I am being compensated for participating, all opinions, recipes and stories are my own.


  1. Julie says

    Hi Maura! My favorite way to use Maseca is to make tamales during Christmastime or occasionally to make sopes with mole. I love to see the giant display of all the bags stacked up at my local Mexican supermarket this time of year. Starts getting me excited about my once a year tamale making!!

  2. says

    Every country has some food which represent them anywhere they are, maiz, tortilla, sopes, all of those are a flag where you can proudly read “Soy de México”.
    Lot of times when you’re far from México, you can easily forget some things, but, sincerely, there is one little thing you will never forget about your homeland… the food.
    The food is your partner, no matter where you go, the memories of the taste, of the smiles in your family while they are taking a bite in a tortilla, this, my friend, will never be history.
    This is why we relaunched our website, because we want to make you remember those little details, the dinamic around food, that’s why we want you to visit us, to be sure you are not forgeting something from your past, from your history, from our history… together.

  3. Melanie Mendez-Gonzales says

    This 3rd generation Mexican-American Latina is going to attempt tamales this Christmas! I’ll definitely need some more Maseca! Also, it is one of the few ingredients that my son is not allergic to!! Thank God for corn tortillas!

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