Wordless Wednesday: Farmers market chiles

Farmers markets here in Chicago are kind of like a yuppie version of a Mexican tianguis. Despite the strollers and dogs and people yammering away on their bluetooth device or headphones while they stroll the aisles, I put up with it because I love fresh, locally grown fruits and veggies, and I especially love the variety of chiles at the farmers markets here! I got there extra early last week and snapped this photo of the sunshine peeking through the top of the tented produce stand, illuminating the chiles. The thing I love most about farmers market chiles is that they’re all different sizes and shapes, and there are never any mega-chiles that look like they were pumped with steriods. Ahhh, organic!

  • What’s your favorite vegetable to buy at the farmers market?


  1. says

    Lovely photo! I have some beautiful jalapeños growing in my garden right now. I rarely go to local farmers markets because they’re SO expensive. Plus, they usually only take cash, and I rarely have more than $10 or $20 on me. Sometimes we’ll go just to look and walk around a bit, or to buy a pastry or two.

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