Wordless Wednesday: Get Kranky

I love these candies not only because of their name, but also because I usually love chocolate-covered anything! My cuñada introduced me to this particular candy on a family vacation last year. They’re chocolate-covered cornflakes and they’re crunchy and perfectly sweet. I found them in my local Mexican grocery store over the weekend and had to buy a little bag to show her. Maybe this is one more thing to convince her to come visit me this year!

  • Have you had this sweet treat?


  1. Prado says

    I have not had this. I do hope I can find it at La Casa del Pueblo.

    Have you had a Pellizco by Tama-Roca. I discovered it on my last trip to Mexico. Tamarindo and Chile goodness!

    • says

      Eric, I bought these at Cermak Fresh Market on Cermak and Paulina. I have never seen them at El Güero or La Casa del Pueblo (but La Casa del Pueblo usually has other treats the other stores don’t have). I’ve never had a Pellizco. Have you found any place to buy them here in Chicago?

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