We’re expanding the Tortilla!

If you’re a fan of our Facebook page, then you probably already know from our announcement last week that we’ve partnered with Kenmore to provide exclusive content on their Genius Blog every Friday for the rest of 2011. I’ll be talking about kitchen tips, Mexican ingredients and sharing recipes I’ve written especially for Kenmore’s audience.

You may remember I have done two cooking shows with Kenmore in the last year, first albóndigas at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach at the 2010 Blogalicious Weekend conference, and then chilaquiles at the Kenmore Live Studio in Chicago with Chuy Valencia, the rising star chef and owner of Chilam Balam. I had so much fun with those and I’m excited about this partnership and teaching others about our cuisine and the Latin kitchen in general. I encourage you to visit over there on Fridays to see what else I’m up to when I’m not posting new things here.

Of course, I’ll link you up from time to time here and always on our Facebook fan page, but there is also a new button on the right side of the page that you can click on that will take you to all my posts on the Genius Blog any day of the week that you’d like to visit.

I’d absolutely love if you’d leave me a comment or vote my posts up over there so Kenmore knows they need the extra sabor on their site that we’re providing.

And please feel free to leave me comments here or on Facebook or Twitter to let me know what you think as well if you’re so inclined. I may be making more appearances in the Live Studio kitchen this year, so I’ll keep you up to date on any future events if you’d like to come.

Today my post over there (if you haven’t guessed from the photo above) is a basic guide to getting over your fears of cooking with chiles. Hey, we were all newbies once! You can also catch up with last week’s post, all about making your own chipotle mayo.

Thanks for your love and support and I hope you like what I’ll be cooking up over there on a weekly basis to share The Other Side of The Tortilla with a wider audience to expand the perception of what Mexican cuisine is and can be.

Un abrazo a todos,


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      Elizabeth, thank you! We’re very excited about sharing our love for Mexican culture and cuisine with a bigger audience. Would love to swap recipes with you any time! Hope you’re enjoying the paella cookbook you won here on the blog a few months back :)

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    I read your chiles post yesterday, so informative! What a great opportunity for you. I always love hearing about mainstream companies who collaborate with Latinas. It makes me like them more =) Best of luck!

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    Sears is smart to include our perspective, even smarter to include you! Loved the simple, succinct, and spot-on chilies explainer (left post on Kenmore saying as much). Keep up the terrific work!

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    Felicidades, Maura! This is excellent news! I’m clicking over to find out more about what this is all about, but I’ve no doubt it’s going to be amazing! Plus, more of your awesomeness on video? That’s fabuloso!!! Can’t wait!!

    Miss you, my friend!

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      Thanks Roxana, I’m so excited about it and there will be new videos over there within a few weeks. I’m thrilled to be able to share tips, tricks and recipes for those not very familiar with Mexican cuisine so that they feel more comfortable working it into their kitchen repertoire. Miss you too, MUAK! Thanks for the love and support!

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