Wordless Wednesday: Tianguis


Warm weather means tianguis time! I spotted this little open-air market along Avenida Revolucion in Mexico City during our last trip.

  • What’s your favorite thing to buy at a tianguis?


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    I love to buy botecitos de crema and queso cotija because the seller alsways gives away a tostada with cream and cheese for you to try it (and fell in love with it).

    Also, handmande sopecitos or tortillas de maiz azul.

    And fruta, of course.

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      Heidi, you remind me of a good point: one of the things I so love about going to the tianguis is that you get little samples of everything! And the only place I’ll ever buy tortillas de maiz azul is at a tianguis where they’re made fresh in front of my eyes – there’s nothing more delicious!

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    Mango de manila y queso oaxaca!!! Love, love them. When we lived in D.F., we had a Tianguis two blocks from our house in Condesa. I would go there for fruits, veggies and queso oaxaca. Tianguis are the original farmer’s markets!!

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      Ana, I LOVE mango de manila. Whenever I visit during mango season, my suegra gets them fresh for me every other day so that they’re perfectly ripe. She has these awesome little mango forks (which I’m sure you know what I’m talking about) so they are easier to cut … or eat straight off the fork once peeled! I would give anything for some fresh queso Oaxaca right now. I’ve always been obsessed with going to the tianguis and farmers markets on the weekends but I just love the variety of things you can find and the freshness of all the food!

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