Wordless Wednesday: Mi pasaporte

¡Listo para viajar! Here’s a page from my old passport with some of my favorite stamps from past trips. I recently renewed my passport, so all the pages are blank and ready for an adventure!

Tomorrow I’ll be packing and on Friday I’ll be on my way to Mexico City. I should arrive just in time to grab a late dinner at my favorite place for tacos al pastor!

  • Are you headed somewhere for the holidays? I’ll be blogging nearly every day from Mexico, so don’t forget to keep coming back all month long!
The photo in this post was taken with my iPhone 3Gs using the Cross Process app by Banana Camera Co.


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    I love to look at the stamps on passports! They tell you so much!
    How exciting that your trip is this Friday already. We are not traveling but my dad is visiting from Venezuela this friday for a month and we don’t get to see each other too often, so it’s going to be an adventure too 😉
    I still can’t believe you will be blogging so much. Hats off amiga! I still have to get my wordless wednesday up today! I was so tired last night that couldn’t finish it!!

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      Thanks, Dariela. Some of the stamps on these pages are from major events in my life over the last several years. When I renewed my passport, I included a letter with a self-addressed, stamped envelope asking the State Department to please return my old passport because of its great sentimental value to me. When my new passport arrived, I was devastated that the old one wasn’t in the envelope too. Thankfully, about a week later, the old passport arrived in the mail in a separate envelope. I was smiling from ear to ear for two whole days! My passport is one of my most treasured possessions because it holds so many memories. Each time I look at the stamps, I remember where I’ve been and where I’m going.

      How fantastic that your dad is visiting for so long from Venezuela! Your little ones are going to love having their abuelo, I’m sure. I can’t wait to read what you guys are up to while he’s visiting!

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    I wish my passport had some recent stamps – as it is, I believe it expired!

    Have an amazing trip. I look forward to what you’ll share with us :)


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