¡Conectando con mi gente!

I like to be constantly connected to mi gente, so when Sprint offered me a chance to try out its 4G network with a Samsung Epic phone for conducting official Tortilla Test Kitchen business, I was excited.

Many of you know I’ve been an iPhone devotee because I love all of the photography apps that make it so easy for me to share my creativity, what’s cooking in my kitchen or what events I’m attending that are of interest to the fans here on The Other Side of The Tortilla. But my iPhone doesn’t always work as a phone, and I can’t always pick up 3G coverage everywhere in the Chicago area where I live and play. I have to be honest that my love for the iPhone has been waning due to the fact that I drop calls or lose my 3G signal all the time, leaving me sometimes unable to connect at all or at a seemingly glacial pace. So the rapidity of the 4G Sprint network was a welcome change of pace.

It’s so important to me to stay connected and be able to charlar con mi gente, especially when it comes to answering cooking and ingredient questions from Tortilla fans on Twitter and Facebook. So when I discovered the Epic had mobile-to-mobile video chat capability with certain phones using Android apps, I was ecstatic! A fun new way to connect with fans? !Sí, por favor!

I offered my Twitter followers and Facebook fans with eligible phones the opportunity to video chat with me using the Samsung Epic on Sprint’s 4G network and one fan was kind enough to let me video tape our chat.

Watch me give Carrie the lowdown on chile chipotle and the difference between cajeta and dulce de leche.

YouTube Preview Image

The Sprint 4G network is as fast as my iPhone when its connected to wifi, so for someone who’s on the go and needing to upload and browse the web quickly, I loved the 4G. I did have some issues with losing the 4G signal in a few places in downtown Chicago but I always had at least the 3G signal, which was very reliable (unlike my iPhone’s 3G).

I also had fun with the Android Market, downloading apps like Retro Camera, 360 Camera and my guilty pleasure, a soundboard app with the cartoon voice of Bender Bending Rodríguez, the Mexican cartoon robot from Futurama. And José used the camera on the Epic to document my Kenmore cooking show a few weeks ago. After having no flash on our iPhones, and having José help me document my cooking show with photos and video, he’s definitely hoping he gets a Samsung Epic or an HTC EVO from Sprint as a regalito de Navidad!

  • Since I had so much fun answering questions via video, I’d love to make it a regular feature here! ¿Que piensan? Leave me a comment below if you’d like to participate. And I’d love some more recommendations for Android photography apps, so please let me know what you’re using and what you like!
Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Sprint. They provided me with the Samsung Epic4G to test for several weeks with unlimited voice and data services. The opinions here are my own.


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    Very fun video Maura – loved watching you and Carrie have a video chat with Qik. How cool is that? I have a Sprint Epic 4G too, it’s wonderful. When I want a break from cooking, the Urban Spoon app in the Android Market is very useful finding a good restaurant!

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      Thanks Micaela! Too bad I didn’t know that you had the Epic or I would’ve asked you to do a chat, too! I have the Urban Spoon app for my iPhone as well and I’ve used it in several cities while traveling the U.S. to find new places to eat. I look forward to the Android Market growing with more great apps. Two of my brothers have the HTC EVO and my dad wants to get an EVO or an Epic when he’s eligible for an upgrade. I had my dad show me some of his favorite apps which was so much fun! Any time you want to talk frijoles, I’d love to do a video chat with you!

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    Cool video chat! The chipotle mayo is a fantastic idea! I can’t wait to try it. That would be good on a torta de jamón, I imagine.

    Also learned something new about cajeta and dulce de leche – I thought they were exactly the same thing.

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      Thanks Tracy :) My favorite way to use chipotle mayo is actually on a BLT sandwich! It goes with a lot of different things, though. Glad you were able to learn a little from our quick video chat!

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    That was awesome. I think I NEED to write some notes bc if I don’t I will surely forget and that is my fear. Thx girl. Loved the video.


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