Wordless Wednesday: Boing de guayaba en vidrio

A few months back, Tortilla reader Nelda was telling me on Twitter how much she loved Boing de Guayaba (guava-flavored fruit juice) in glass bottles but that she couldn’t find any where she lived. She mentioned the only place she’d ever seen it in the glass bottles was in Mexico City. Recently, she sent me a message to let me know she found a new little Chilango-owned changarro in her hometown that carries them. Now, every time I see Boing in glass bottles, I think of my amiga! I was in a Mexican grocery store here in Chicago and saw these on the shelf and couldn’t help but take a photo for her.

This photo was taken with my iPhone 3Gs using the ShakeItPhoto app by Banana Camera Co.


  1. says

    Mauraaaaaa, I LOVE this! Did you know that Boing (Embotelladora Pascual) is a cooperative??. Yes, Boing-Pascual is a small company that was bought by its workers when it went to bankrupt (something not so commmon these days). They have been figthting against big companies as CocaCola and Pepsi. The other iconic mexican soda: Yoli, has been acquired by CocaCola Long time ago…

    They are such fighters!.

    ps. nice pic girl, ves todo lo que me hiciste recordar?. hugs. My favorite flavors are guayaba and mango. Umm.

    • says

      Heidi, I am a loyal and devoted fan of Boing but did not know that Embotelladora Pascual is a cooperative! When I discovered Boing was being sold in Chicago a few years ago, I went crazy and bought a case of it. I began keeping Boing juice boxes in my desk at work and soon everybody in my office knew what Boing was. Ever since, I have always been the girl at the office who keeps Mexican juice boxes in her desk, no matter where I go! The glass bottles are not as easy to find, and obviously are more expensive, but worth it for the taste of Mexico in a bottle. My two favorite flavors are mango y uva and José loves naranja (but it must be ice cold)!

    • says

      ¿Que tal Diana? Thanks for stopping by! I LOVE your blog! Happy to teach you more about authentic Mexican food any time. Some of my suegro’s family actually comes from Chihuahua, like your Dad, and we have Spanish roots in the family as well. Looking forward to chatting with you more soon!

  2. Nelda says

    Maura!!! Wooow! Esto parecia imposible en mi ciudad, mucho mas en la tuya! Boing, como tu blog, es lo mejor! Me trae tantos recuerdos con mi familia en el D.F. Gracias!

  3. Jamie says

    Where are these Mexican grocery stores that sell Boing?! Just got back from a trip to Mexico and nothing compares! I live in Streeterville…anywhere to buy it in downtown Chicago specifically?

    • says

      Hi Jamie, thanks for stopping by. I don’t know of anywhere downtown to buy Boing anymore (the only place I knew of closed a few years ago), but just about every grocery store in Pilsen (and probably Little Village, too) carries it. Some stores only carry it in juice box form (lunch box size or carton size), but I usually can find it in glass bottles at Supermercado El Güero at 2101 W. Cermak Rd. (about a block or so west of Damen). Good luck and let me know if you can’t find it and I’ll let you know some of my other stores that always have it.

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